The site of a former streetcar yard, the Fields Corner Shopping Plaza is home to a variety of businesses. Many use The Shopping Plaza for everyday errands, specialty purchases, and to grab a quick snack.

Cha – ching! Cha – ching! Are the sounds of the cash register opening and closing. “Order up” as the worker shouts, handing the food to the customer. The restaurant is filled with people entering and exiting through the doors. The long lines keep me waiting, my impatience turns into aggravation. I begin to get hungrier as I smell the fries sizzling in the fryer, making my stomach growl. As the line moves up, my impatience turns into excitement. I just can’t wait to get the delicious food in my stomach. I don’t usually go to McDonalds though, only when I crave for it. I get sick of eating it after awhile.

McDonald’s hasn’t been around for as long as I thought it was. It was here for about 12 years. I was amazed when Arlene told me this because I thought it was much older. Her family was the first African

American family to move to Fields Corner. I had the opportunity to interview her a few weeks ago. As I researched more information on my tour stop, I found out that the Cifrino Family built the Fields Corner shopping plaza. I wonder why he created the shopping center. Don’t you? It’s interesting how he used a place that use to be where streetcars were stored and transformed it into something new.

It doesn’t seem so wonderful but it is useful and important if you think about it. The shopping center changed overtime. It had different variety of stores. It doesn’t just have all clothing stores or all food places or all liquor places. It has a variety of stores all attached together, that’s what makes the shopping center unique. It once had a State & Trust Bank, ice cream parlor, card shop, supreme market, and much more. Back then, the ice cream parlor served the same purpose as McDonalds, a place to hang out. Fields Corner also had a movie theater right across the street from the shopping center where Eblen’s and RadioShack are today. Now the shopping center has Gamestop, McDonalds, Madrag, the Dollar Store, Home Goods, and more. Woah, there was a big change from then and now. The shopping paza was a very popular place where people would go to shop. People from all over went there just to shop and still do.