A middle school on Charles Street, the Harbor School educates young minds in Fields Corner. Also the site of a community center, basketball bounces, cheers, sneaker squeaks can all be heard in the gymnasium.

The Grover Cleveland, now known as the Harbor School, had two prior locations before moving to Fields Corner. Before the Harbor School, the John Marshall School was located on Charles Street. If you compare pictures from back then to now you can really tell that the Harbor School has changed a few times over the last few years. The      community center has always been the same; it has just had different workers.  The Harbor School was my middle school back in 2008, from 6th-8th grade. Not only is it a middle school, it’s also a community center. People don’t do anything after school, they just go home to sleep and for me that would be boring. Now that I’m in high school, I still use the community center for all kinds of things. The community center has tons of things to do like table games, foosball, a ping pong table, and more. My favorite thing to do there is to play basketball. I usually have games there two days a week. Even when I don’t have games I go to watch others and see their games or just hang in the community center.
The games there are usually always close because of all the competition and good players that go to the gym. There was a game going on there recently, it was the yellow team vs. the blue team. The yellow team was up by seven points, with about four minutes to go. The blue team had to inbound the ball, so the yellow team decided to press. The blue team broke the press, using smart and precise passes, and made a transition 3 pointer to get them back in it. The yellow team was up by 4, the yellow team got the ball with three minutes and forty seconds left, holding the ball for about a minute. Eventually they turned the ball over on sloppy pass. The blue team had the ball with two minutes and thirty-five seconds. They calmly advanced the ball and attracted a foul and made both free throws. So the yellow was only up by two points and the crowd went wild.
The yellow team coach called a time out, and put a few ball handlers in the game and set up a play for the shooter. They inbounded the ball, ran the plan and the shooter hit a three, so now they were up by five with a minute left. The blue team coach called for a time out. The blue team inbounded at half court, dribbled for a little and took the ball to the basket, got fouled and made the layup and the free throw. The yellow team quickly inbounded the ball, ran up the court, and got fouled on the layup. He missed the free throws. So the blue team got the ball with ten seconds. Holding the ball until three seconds, knowing that they are down by two the man with the ball decided to go for the win. He made his move past the three point line so he got the tie, everybody on the side line yelled, “3… 2….. 1….” The ball was in the air and the whole crowd went silent…Clank, he missed and the buzzer went off, and the yellow team became excited, they beat the best team in the league.
I see a lot of things happening to the gym, community center. I hope they can add a swimming pool to the building and a workout room for weight lifting.  There should be more people to work with the kids, someone like a trainer. They should put something like a spa for members to relax, get a massage, and things like that. They can have injury rehab for basketball players or just sports players for when they get hurt.
By Marcus Campbell