Once a “streetcar society”- horse drawn carts went up and down Dorchester Avenue on guided tracks in Fields Corner. Much has changed since then, electric trains have replaced horses, and today trains can be seen exiting and entering the Fields Corner T Station constantly.

Puffy clouds and heavy winds would fly by and hit you in the face. Shortly after you are struck with a loud clinging sound, it’s the train arriving. In the early 1800’s there were no such thing as trains. Can you imagine walking everywhere you went or having to pay a huge fare for the bus? Well for years that’s what many people had to do, until the Omnibus, which was horse drawn, became one of the first forms of public transportation. Shortly after, the streetcar was invented.  Another new creation, “The Train” commonly known as “The T”- was implemented when trains started running on electricity.
These trains changed the lives of people living in Fields Corner, because it was a faster way to travel. Waiting for the bus, is like waiting for molasses to slide out of a bottle, but the train on the other hand will have you at your destination faster than you think. As time went on, not only did the trains change, but so did the train station, becoming even more packed and well organized.
If you need help there is someone behind the booth for customer service, and the transfer police that keep an eye out for the station. From personal experience in Fields Corner T-station, it is packed with people. Even though the station is packed with people it needs more colors to bring it to life. The color of the station now is grey and black, which make me feel emotionless; there is nothing special about them. I remember this one time the sun came out and slapped me in the face; suddenly I was saved by the breeze. When the bus finally comes and people start charging on, the bus driver threw an order at me and said, “There’s another one behind me, mind taking that one?”
While the train station is effective, it is boring. There is not much to do but stand around and wait for the train. Waiting for the train is very agonizing because it’s always crowded and there’s never any place for you to sit. For the future I plan to see more benches, more colors, and flowers. I also plan to see many paintings. The flowers and paintings will make the station more colorful and decorated. Maybe, in about 200 years, who knows the trains may fly? I would like to see trains going through Fields Corner have food courts, shopping centers, and televisions. The people around these flying trains would be less bored than they are today, and more excited to take the train.
By Shayliah Keene