Many communities suffer from “timenesia”: a lack of awareness-of and interest-in their own past, present and future. They don’t showcase their rich past, aren’t aware of their neighbors different takes on their present, nor their hopes for their shared future. Timenesia.org’s goal is to overcome this problem by enabling communities to awareness, engagement and excitement via hyper-local guided tours featuring residents’ voices, pictures, and text about the past, present and future. We are building on a rich tradition of participatory research about how to engage the general public in community revival and visioning. Timenesia.org is a project of the MIT Center for Civic Media.

The My Dot Tour is our first try with this website. This tour focuses on the Fields Corner area of Dorchester in Boston. We are currently working with our community partners to see how people engage with the website as part of the My Dot Tour project. Based on what we learn, we hope to bring the project to other communities around the world.

Email us if you’re interested: timenesia@media.mit.edu

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